Janie’s Series – Did you know that?!


Did you know that one letter is missing from the Washington, DC street grid? What letter is that? J! J! Notice when you go through the streets: A, B, C, and so on… That one letter is always missing. Going from east to west, I learned and also from north to south, DC streets are organized with numbered streets running north to south and letter-named streets running east to west in the planned city.

Did you know that Washington, DC residents lead the United States in drinking wine? DC is a relatively small area but a high percentage drink wine! Interesting! Myself, I like drinking wine too!

Did you know that? Folks who kissfist the Washington Redskins football team… was the team founded in Washington, DC? Nope! Where were the Redskins founded? Boston, Massachusetts! Interesting!

It’s really amazing that two U.S. presidents had a very unique preference for pets. Now, imagine the usual pets – dogs, cats, turtles, and so on. However! Two presidents had alligators! In the White House! Imagine! Who were these presidents? One was Herbert Hoover and the other was John Quincy Adams. Interesting!

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