Introduction from new President Graham Forsey

Portrait of Graham Forsey, white man with graying hair with a youthful face and dark beard, smiling.

Happy summer, DCAD members! My name is Graham Forsey and I am thrilled to serve as the new president of DCAD for the 2019-2021 term with our board.

I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada, graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, and I have lived and worked in the District of Columbia since October 2017. My first experience with DCAD was representing DC as a delegate at the 2018 National Association of the Deaf (NAD) conference, where we advocated for interpreting reform and the 2018-2020 NAD priority to create a national clearinghouse and resource center for Deaf senior citizen services. I was particularly impressed by many passionate people working towards a better life for Deaf people in the District of Columbia and across the United States.

Our team is now working to bring together local Deaf organizations and identify the top issues affecting our population, possibly including affordable housing, interpreting, health care, education, and language access. We would love to hear from stakeholders at Our board have many exciting ideas and are working on achieving them. Please see this post for possible opportunities to get involved! If you have a burning idea or passion to help the Deaf community, please let us know and maybe we can get a committee set up or redirect you to the right Deaf organization in the area!

We are looking at restructuring a lot of internal processes, including newsletters like this and membership management. Please look forward to more news and notifications about your membership. We have many exciting events being planned by our great committees!

2 thoughts on “Introduction from new President Graham Forsey

  1. Surprised to hear your new name. I have very good interesting question according to 1977-79, Washington Alliance as original name of the group. Attending the meeting sessions, It was later closed or shut down because of three interesting location, MD, DC and VA different interesting to listen. Some we focused one of three location (zone) as we ignored. change zone took a lof of time without the goal. How can you handle all members to do with their goals. So be careful to select the right word for goal in three zones together. Sam

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