Internet Essentials for Virtual Learning or Working



Hello. My name is Elvia and this is my name sign. We at DCAD want to share information about the DC region. I live in DC and I have two kids who attend a charter school in DC. I want to share information about DC public schools and DC charter schools. As you know, our kids now have to take courses online. There are different Internet services but I want to share important information: if you don’t have reliable Internet access, Comcast is offering two months of free Internet or, if you need them, Internet speed upgrades. This Comcast service is called Internet Essentials. They offer three months of this higher speed for $9.95. Contact Comcast and tell them you need to add this Internet service called Internet Essentials. Or ask for free Internet for your children taking classes online. Good luck! If you have any questions, contact DCAD. Take care of yourself and stay safe!



Note: Open to Everyone on SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, etc – Check for specific qualifications and apply at

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