Hello from Sean Maiwald, New DCAD President

Headshot of Sean Maiwald, in officewear, smiling broadly, gray gradient background.

Sean A. Maiwald has been a DC resident for 8 years and is excited to serve as the next DCAD president for the 2021 – 2023 term. 

Sean graduated from Gallaudet University in 2016 with a BA in Government and from The George Washington University in 2018 with a Masters of Public Policy. He has established several businesses and a nonprofit, worked for the DC Council, and currently is an adjunct professor at Gallaudet University along with running a new education start-up! Sean was instrumental in the passage of the Office for the Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing (ODBH), drafting and lobbying for the bill. He looks forward to working with the community to make our Deaf City (DC) the best it can be!

He will be sharing out some plans soon, including the development of a series of working groups to determine community needs and the direction of DCAD! If you are interested, please reach out to us at The working groups so far are as follows:

  • Racial Justice & Policing 
    • Affirming BLM, addressing racism in the deaf community
  • Deaf Businesses & the Deaf Ecosystem
    • Creating connections and support for leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses
  • Affordable Housing & Transportation
    • Pushing for affordable housing and safe streets/transit
  • Community Development & Events 
    • Supporting cultural and community events in DC (e.g. bringing events like Clin d’Oeil – international deaf festival –  to DC)
  • Fundraising 
    • Growing resources for DCAD
    • Applying for grants and more

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