Gallaudet / Syle Feast Day Service (Aug 25)


DATE: August 25, 2019

WHEN: 10 am

Address: 205 S. Summit St, Gaithersburg, MD, located in the white chapel of the Church of the Ascension

St. Barnabas’ Deaf Church, a mission church of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, Invites you to a special service

Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 10 a.m.

To commemorate the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet, who founded the first church for Deaf people, and St. Barnabas’ Deaf Church (1859) and the Rev. Henry Winter Syle, the first Deaf person to be ordained (deacon 1876; priest, 1883).

The Rev. Elizabeth Bagioni, priest-in-charge and celebrant, the Rev. Jay Croft, preaching

After the service, we’ll have lunch at Lu’s Buffet & Grill, Gaithersburg

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