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\r\nThe importance of donating to DCAD. This nonprofit organization is just as they are described, not in the business of making money. The whole point of a nonprofit organization is to bring in just enough money to break even, covering all of the associated expenses for that time period. DCAD cannot afford to take a step backwards. If they have to close their doors due to a lack of funding, all of the Deaf that they may lose the rights to or less access as the District of Columbia residents if not being activists. The importance of this organization constantly moving forward cannot be stressed more. Growth is important with these types of this organization. As they continue to help Deaf build up a reputation for giving them a fresh start, there is a demand to help them more. In order to continue to service more Deaf, they need the proper funding. DCAD do not want to have to turn any Deaf lose the rights to or less access. Without the necessary donations and funds, they are simply not going to be able to fulfill the need, though. 



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