DCPS and Virtual Learning Accessibility

DC Public Schools (DCPS) is starting virtual learning classes! If anything is not accessible for Deaf or hard of hearing child (or parent), please contact your school principal. If they give you a hard time, please contact Matthew at Office of Disability Rights (ODR) at and he will help you out.


Hello DC residents:
I am Erikson Young and I’m a board member of the DC Association of the Deaf (DCAD).
Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee, DCPS Chancellor of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) has been sending out many informative emails and letters. In ongoing efforts to address community health risks and ensure the continuity of learning for our students, DCPS is following a new schedule.
DCPS school buildings will remain closed and distance learning will take place through April 24. As of right now, in-person classes will resume on April 27. But this may change.
DCAD understands that the virtual learning process may not be accessible to Deaf or hard of hearing students in every school. If you are a Deaf or hard of hearing student or a parent of a D/HH student in a DCPS public or charter school, and facing challenges with accessing video or audio clips, please contact the DC Office of Disability Rights (ODR) Director Mathew McCollough at phone: 202 727 6744 or email: Explain your challenge, provide the name of your DCPS public school or Charter school, and your child’s grade and class information.
For Deaf parents who have their children in DCPS public and charter schools, your school should be communicating with you regularly. Some Deaf parents have already encountered challenges in accessing their children’s virtual learning modes. Both DCPS public and charter schools are required by law to make their content accessible for both parents and children to understand. If you are a deaf parent experiencing challenges you can also contact Mathew McCollough at ODR.
ODR will work with OSSE to educate and train the various DCPS schools to ensure that effective communication is in an accessible format. They ask that we please be patient, as this is a new experience for all of us, including school administrators and staff. ODR will do their best to reach all DCPS schools and will need help identifying which schools need this particular guidance.
In addition, DCPS is providing Free Meals for DC Students. Meals will be available to students on weekdays from March 16 – 31 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and a new school list will be provided for after April 1st. You will see the list of schools that serve the free meals on the DCAD website,
Stay safe and healthy. (Bye)
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